If anything in these Bye-Laws is in contravention or in conflict with the Memorandum of Association or Rules and Regulations of the Society the same provision of the Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations shall have the supremacy.

In addition to the Regular Membership as defined in Article 2 of the Rules and Regulation there will be following other types of Members referred to in Article 2b&d: LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEE –  Rs 3500 /- only. General body may revise the quantum from time to time on recommendation of Executive committee.

(A) Associate Members – Medical practioners who have qualified for the Degree of M.B.B.S. or equivalent and have interest in ocular trauma. They may be specialist in other subjects.

  • Non medical scientists interested in ocular trauma
  • Spouses of members of above categories
  • Associate members can attend the conference and participate in scientific programmes but they will not be entitled to vote or get elected to any post nor compete for any award.

(B) Overseas Members – Overseas members will be those persons who fulfill The criteria in Article,2 of the Rules & Regulations and are not residents of India. They will be entitled to participate in all activities of the society but will not be entitled to vote or get elected to any post nor can compete for any award unless specifically stated. Overseas Members will be required to pay Us$.100.00 or equivalent as life membership fee.
(C) Honorary Members – The Executive can nominate any person as Honorary Member for his outstanding contribution in the field of ocular trauma. Such Members will not be required to pay any fees but he will not be eligible to vote or contest.

2. Head Quarter
As mentioned in Article 2 of Memorandum, the Registered Office of the Society shall be “MOHAN EYE INSTITUTE, 11,B, GANGARAM HOSPITAL MARG , NEW DELHI -110005, INDIA”.
b)   However the working office of the Society will be .at the address of the General Secretary of the Society.

3. Office Bearers
a) In Article 14b of Rules & Regulation it is mentioned that the Vice President will take charge of the President during the absence of the latter. As there are two Vice Presidents the Senior Vice President will take charge. The names of office bearers are written in order of seniority.
b) Similarly in Article 14, D, iii it is mentioned that Sr. Jt. Secretary will take the charge of General Secretary, Senior is whose name appears first.

4. Finances
a) As mentioned in Article 14, c, viii the General Secretary in unforeseen Circumstances can spend upto Rs.4,000 and another Rs.4000/- with the permission of the President for extra budget items.
b) Rs. 600/- per annum may be paid to the President for running office.
c) Chartered Accountant will be elected at the time of election on the advice of the General Secretary and Treasurer and his term will also be the same as that of Secretary and Treasurer.

5. Elections
a) Efforts should be made to make the elections unanimous by consent.
b) If election takes place the General Secretary should check the validity of the nominee, proposer seconder. All these should mention their membership numbers as given by the General Secy.
c) The president shall constitute Election commission of three senior member , one of them shall be nominated as chairman.
d) The President will give casting vote in an event of tie.

6. Fees
a) Membership fee may be paid by Cash or Demand Draft. Only local cheques will be acceptable.
b) If for any reason membership is not accepted, the amount of fee shall be returned back after deducting 10%.
c) For payment in two installments age, certificate may be given
d) Along with application form and fees, documents showing the educational qualifications must be sent with attestation

7. Zonal Societies

a) If the number of members exceed 20 from a particular zone the Society can permit formation of Zonal Societies. The details of such societies has to be approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by the General Body.
b) It should be the effort of the society to organize the conferences in different zones by rotation

8. Annual List of Executive Committee
Once in every year a list of office bearers and the Executive Committee Members shall be filed in the office of the Registrar of Societies (Delhi). As it is required under Sec. 4 of ‘Societies Registration Act of 1860’ as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

9. Awards
The society can start Awards and make rules for the same. At present ‘Air Marshal M.S. Boparai Oration Award’ and “ Dr.Harimohan”  are instituted. It shall be given to a member of the society of at least 3 years standing and who has made outstanding contribution to ocular trauma. The General Secretary will issue a circular regarding this award and ask for Nomination.The president shall constitute a Committee to select the Awardee. In case NO nomination received, The committee shall have power to Nominate the  Awardee.